Seattle Times editorial board cites CIP’s ‘urgently needed research’

Jun 10, 2020

In a recent editorial about the social media during national crisis situations, The Seattle Times Editorial Board cited the work of the Center for an Informed Public to conduct “urgently needed research to help regulators and social-media platforms come together to tame this Wild West of information without impinging on free speech.”

CIP director Jevin West is quoted in the editorial, noting the challenges in curbing misinformation on social media. “What you need for these kinds of messages is for someone to go in and debunk it,” West said. “But you can’t do it at the scale at which they’re posted.”

>> Read The Seattle Times editorial, “View social media skeptically during national crises,” in full

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Center for an Informed Public welcomes new iSchool assistant professor Tanu Mitra

When Tanu Mitra saw a faculty job posting at the University of Washington Information School late last year, the computer scientist said that she was instantly drawn to it. “This is the powerhouse,” Mitra said of the iSchool, where she recently started as an assistant professor with expertise in social computing, computer-supported cooperative work and online misinformation. 

Tanu Mitra

News literacy campaign to promote sharing trustworthy news

The collaboration will produce a public service announcement (PSA) campaign encouraging people to take a “reflective pause” and check to make sure information comes from a reputable news organization before they share or promote it on social media ahead of the November 2020 elections.

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