MisinfoDay 2019

MisinfoDay is an annual event hosted by the University of Washington’s Center for an Informed Public (CIP). Its purpose is to teach high school students, teachers and librarians how to identify and combat online misinformation and disinformation. Students walk away with knowledge and skills they can use in their everyday lives and educators are introduced to resources that will help them continue this learning in their own classrooms. 

The first MisinfoDay was held on March 19, 2019, and attended by more than 150 students, teachers, and librarians from Washington state. You can read more about the inaugural event in the news stories below.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CIP shifted MisinfoDay 2020 from a planned in-person event on UW’s Seattle campus in March to a May 26 virtual event designed for educators and librarians, who represented 15 middle and high schools from five school districts in Washington state.

Ahead of MisinfoDay 2020, CIP director Jevin West and Washington State University digital literacy expert Mike Caulfield produced short videos answering questions that had been submitted by students who were slated to participate in the in-person MisinfoDay event. 

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 High school students, teachers, and librarians are invited to join us as we learn to identify and combat misinformation. Participants will hear from leaders in misinformation research, communications, computer science, fact-checking, and more.

Want to host your own MisinfoDay?

We invite other colleges, universities, and organizations to host MisinfoDay in their own communities. We’ve provided our materials below for inspiration and hope you will reach out to us with questions or for support.

MisinfoDay 2019: Event Schedule, Presentation Recordings, and Workshop Plans
See what we did at the inaugural event. 

MisinfoDay: Bringing Media Literacy to High School Students, Teachers, and Librarians
Read our article in Alki where we discuss our planning process, what students got out of the event, and what we will change for next year. 

MisinfoDay 2020 Resources

Jevin West & Carl Bergstrom’s Calling Bullshit: Data Reasoning in a Digital World

Mike Caulfield’s SIFT fact-checking process: Courses & Materials

  • Ctrl + F
    Fact-checking course themed around the COVID-19 infodemic. Students can self-pace through the course online or teachers can access materials for leading activities here.

MediaWise (Instagram: @mediawise)
Digital literacy project that uses social media and in-person events to teach teens to evaluate information online. The MediaWise Instagram account features teen fact-checkers who demonstrate how to verify current posts and headlines. 

Other Resources Mentioned During MisinfoDay 2020:

Additional resources: Tools That Fight Disinformation Online


Interested in learning more about MisinfoDay? Email misinfoday@uw.edu for more information.